Welcome to Marriage Help Jackson, and thanks for reaching out to us. We are passionate about marriage, and want you to find the comfort, support and accountability to make your marriage work - whether your marriage is still a thought, still in the honeymoon phase, still connected but wanting to be even closer, or has reached a point where you are giving up.

Do you remember your engagement? The way you actively pursued your spouse, studied them, dreamt about them? How they were the first thing on your mind in the morning and the last thing before dreaming about them at night?

Perhaps you are still there… perhaps you and your spouse have worked on your marriage for years and are at a place where ‘things couldn’t be better’.

Neal and Sam, one of our leader couples, rated their marriage at a 9 at the start of the course. “It’s never been better” was the statement made to the group. Over the course, Neal and Sam discovered that their marriage could be even better – much better than it had ever been, and, by living more into the principals re-established through the course, they continue to reach new levels of intimacy…

Or perhaps you are like so many couples where the marriage has ‘gone stale’. It may not have happened in a single moment – it may have been a gradual decline over the last many years – perhaps children have taken so much time that you and your spouse do not have time for each other and you are drifting apart…

Or, perhaps you find yourself, like so many of us, wanting the love and respect your spouse showed you in years gone by, with dedication and open communication as the forerunners… Mark and Julia, another of our leader couples, found themselves in this place before starting Re|engage – not a bad marriage, but knowing that it could be so much more than it was. Both carried things into the marriage and neither had realised how their upbringing influenced their relationship and expectations.

While most of us know it, we forget that marriage (like all of our lives) is to be lived by principal, and Re|engage offers a simple, effective way to establish and reinforce the principals of marriage.

Let me offer some encouragement... No matter where you find your marriage, Christ is waiting to help you, and there is not only hope - there is salvation!

(Married for more than 3 years) Re|engage is designed to help your marriage get better. Whether you rate your marriage a 1 or a 9, Re|engage is a 16-18 week program that will help you move it to the next level.

Re|engage runs on a Tuesday evening from 6:15pm until 7:45pm, and child care is available (but must be organised before hand). We follow the semester model, and, for those not in a closed group, the last Tuesday of every month affords you and your spouse the opportunity to come and discover what Christ is doing in this ministry.

(Married 1-3 years) Foundation is a mentor couple-led small group that will spend time growing and learning about life in Christ and marriage. It will help establish your new marriage in the context of a healthy community and give you the tools to succeed.

Foundation groups start up all the time - let us know you are interested

(For seriously dating and pre-married couples) Merge is led by at least one mentor couple and takes place in an eight-week small group or a weekend retreat.